GUU Debating

Picture of a debate in the Debates Chamber

The Dialectic Society was one of the original founders of the Glasgow University Union (GUU) in 1885, along with the Medico-chirurgical society and the Sports Association (GUSA). Ever since, we have maintained a strong relationship with the Union and in particular its debating wing, with our members having won 19 British championships, 5 World Championships and 1 European championship (amongst countless other competitions) representing the Union around the world.

Many of our members take part in the competitive Inter-varsity (IV) debating the Union competes in against other Universities. Most members usually also try out taking part in the Parliamentary debates the Union organises, with 50 students speaking in rounds of debate across the day on our own hypothetical political parties and their Government bills put before the house. The third Parliamentary of the year is held in the Dialectic Societies honour and throughout the year our macer acts as sergeant at arms for all Union debates.

Experienced debaters as well as students who have never debated before are all welcome.

You can join the Speaker Training Facebook Group to keep up to date with information about speaker training. Dialectic board members will usually be in attendance at training and will make announcements about our events and activities throughout the year, as well as being available to answer any questions, sell membership and tickets to our events or just have a casual chat after training when many members head to one of the Unions bars to socialise the night away.

Speaker Training

The weekly speaker training organised by GUU Debating aims at improving people's debating as well as public speaking skills. Speaker training runs every week on Tuesday at 6pm in the Glasgow University Union during term time.