Committee 2024/2025



Lucy Hindmarsh

Lucy is a third-year Comparative Literature and English Language & Linguistics student – do not ask them if this is the same as English Lit. When not Dialectic-ing they enjoy educating the masses about Dolly Parton and single-handedly keeping Mrs Falafel in business. As pictured, Lucy has developed the very useful skill of being able to fall asleep anywhere in the Union without shame which will undoubtedly come in handy this upcoming year.

Vice President

Alyssa Mills

Alyssa is a fourth-year Sociology and Social and Public Policy student running far away from her unfortunate past of Christian home-schooling in Texas. Beyond Dialectic, she spends far too much time debating, instigates group tequila shots, and enjoys rambling about why all your favourite fictional characters are gay.

Honorary Secretary

Harry Smith

Harry is a third-year student studying Politics and Social Policy. Originally from Ireland, he enjoys long walks on rocky beaches, whiskey, and fighting his peers over trivial matters. After a year serving time in the Archives, toiling away at endless Parli order papers, Harry is back and this time on Exec. When not trying to steal one the societies many ceremonial weapons, you can find Harry in the level 6 library annexe studying something absolutely irrelevant to his course.

Honorary Treasurer

Sally Dean

Sally is a third-year Ancient History student with a Sprite addiction. When not solving everyone else’s problems, Sally can be found eating a Union burger or reminiscing her time working at a castle. Sally’s love of spreadsheets means that she is very much looking forward for her time as treasurer.

Assistant Honorary Secretary

Eva Sjolund-Hosking

Eva is a second-year Common Law and English Literature Student, which is ironic, as she is not English nor great at obeying the law. When not honing her Dialectics, they can be found in a pub smokers near you yapping about pretentious guitar music. Their band is massive in Bangladesh.

Welfare Officer

Natasha Cameron

Natasha is the society’s welfare officer this year. In a newly Executive role, Natasha has put in the work to make the society a more inclusive and welcoming place. Now positioned to make welfare a priority in everything the society does, some say she is already outperforming her predecessor – who allegedly misread the position as “Warfare Officer” when applying.


Whip Secretary

Cameron MacKenzie

Cameron is a second-year Scots Law student which means he has the perfect skillset to get away with heinous crimes whilst on Dialectic Committee. After narrowly emerging victorious from his uncontested election, the new Whip Secretary was dismayed to discover that the Whip in question was entirely metaphorical. Though not an executive role, having complete control of the society’s website does offer many perks, such as the ability to put his name at the top of this list.

Publicity Secretary

Martin Mullaney

Martin is a fourth-year Scots Law student, who often wonders how he got into this mess in the first place. As Publicity Secretary, he looks forward to losing the society what little credibility it has left. When not cooking up hilarious Dialectic content, he can be found impersonating a local pub on Instagram. He also enjoys going for runs, and saw a dramatic improvement as soon as he began pretending that the Macer was chasing him.


Bruno Kalmar

Trained by master clown Phillippe Gaulier, Bruno is a renowned entertainer and escape artist. He has performed at some of the world’s leading festivals. His new Edinburgh Fringe show, “Bruno vs Snake”, features Bruno escaping from venomous snakes on stage, and has been described by critics as “mesmerising” (the Observer), “a total mindf*ck” (Chortle) and “the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen” (Dignity Magazine). He is also a second-year Molecular Biology student.

Social Convenor

Colson Merrill

Colson is a third-year Politics and Philosophy student who has managed to extend his reign as the society’s Social Convenor for a second term. When approached for comment and asked what the Dialectic society is really about, Colson said “it’s just benders for benders”. Colson’s notable contributions to the society include but are not limited to: a decrease in member life expectancy, an increase in factionalism, and a really good cowboy costume on the freshers’ subcrawl.

Charity Officer

Anoushka Ross

Anoushka is a second-year Business Management and English Literature student who spends a lot of her time everywhere, all at once, having joined a ridiculous number of societies in first year (11). This year, she is committed to the Dialectic Society as its Charities Officer whilst also doing only a few other things (she swears). If not found at the Union, she is probably playing hockey or organising some event.

Archives Librarian

Morven Connell

Morven is a third-year Medicine student. When she is not unsubtly dropping into conversation that she is studying Medicine, she enjoys knocking out a few brain cells in Beer Bar and over-exaggerating the importance of her home town, Lanark, in global politics. She says that the greatest benefit of being Archives Librarian is the 100% success rate of betting non-debaters that they won’t be able to guess her Committee position.

Ordinary Board Members

Ian Tam

Ian is an Economics student in his third year at Glasgow. Having tried and (evidently) failed to escape the clutches of the Dialectic Society, Ian is serving one more year as an Ordinary Board Member. When not Dialectic-ing, he can usually be found tending to his increasingly esoteric collection of musical instruments.

Zoe McFadyen

Zoe is a second-year Scots Law student who actually had a lot of hobbies before she joined debate. When she’s not losing her passport or drinking excessively in the Union’s bars she’d be more than happy to talk your ear off about rollercoasters. Her aim for this year is to attend enough meetings to finally understand what an Ordinary Board Member actually is.

Past Dialectic President

Emma Walker

Emma holds an ex officio position on Dialectic due to her serving as the society’s president last year. This was a simpler time, back when she was still a woman in STEM and before she turned to the dark side (the Business School) for her Masters. Sorely missing her robes, Emma is excited to sit back and watch as the new Committee tears down all the hard work she put in over the past year.

GUU Convenor of Debates

Isaac Gilbert

Isaac is a fourth-year Computing Science student and holds the society’s second ex officio position. As Convenor of Debates, Isaac sits on the Board of Glasgow University Union where he organises a variety of debating events such as Speaker Training every Tuesday (shameless advertising). Isaac hoped that his new position would cause the rest of Dialectic and Debating to finally take him seriously. Unfortunately for him, this has not yet been successful.