Committee 2023/2024



Emma Walker

Emma is a fourth-year Maths and Stats student, and yes, that does mean she’s a woman in stem. Unsurprisingly, Emma was Treasurer of the society last year, and is super excited to be President (she has robes now!). Other than maths and dialectic, Emma’s hobbies include running (she stupidly signed up for a marathon) and listening to any and every podcast. She often gets told she has Resting-Sad-Face, but she is actually super excited to be President of the Dialectic Society this year.

Vice President

Isaac Gilbert

Isaac’s main job is to gaslight ex-dialectic society members that the society still has some reputation with a newsletter. Isaac is a Computer Scientist who has had a realisation over this past summer that he hates computer science. There are some rumors you might hear about Isaac, especially ones involving why he took a gap year, 99% of them are lies manufactured by the lame-stream media, and do not believe them.

Honorary Secretary

Alyssa Mills

Alyssa Mills is a third-year Sociology and Social and Public Policy student running far away from her unfortunate past of Christian homeschooling in Texas. Beyond dialectic, she spends far too much time debating, instigates group tequila shots, and enjoys rambling about why all your favourite fictional characters are gay.

Honorary Treasurer

Mischa Watson

Mischa is a third-year International Relations student whose hobbies include not doing her degree, reading, watching too many tiktoks and failing at being sober at debates events. She is now the leader of the Distribs in our Parliamentary Debates and looks forward to converting the chamber to anarcha-feminism.

Ast. Honorary Secretary

Lucy Hindmarsh

Lucy is a second-year linguistics student originally from London. When not dialecting they enjoy waxing lyrical about Cher, spreading the gay agenda by wearing dungarees to inappropriate places and single-handedly keeping Mrs Falafel in business. They recently bought a pair of vintage cowboy boots that they intend on making their entire personality. (the robes pictured were stolen, not earned)


Publicity Secretary

Martin Mullaney

Martin is a third-year Scots Law student, who often wonders how he got into this mess in the first place. As Publicity Secretary, he looks forward to losing the society what little credibility it has left. When not cooking up hilarious Dialectic content, he can be found impersonating a local pub on Instagram. He also enjoys going for runs, and saw a dramatic improvement as soon as he began pretending that the Welfare Officer was chasing him.


Omar Atwan

Omar is a 4th-year physics and Astronomy student and is Palestinian Jordanian Iraqi. Growing up as a triplet and with 4 siblings, he finds himself shouting constantly trying to prove himself and so, it is fitting he will be this year’s Macer. On the rare occasion that he isn’t stressed over uni in the library, you will find him obsessing over cows, watching friends, romanticise becoming a lawyer and, most importantly, obsessing over the latest tea surrounding Adele and Ariana Grande. He also saw Beyoncè and Harry Styles this year so count on him to make that his personality for the foreseeable future

Welfare Officer

Angus Macdonald

Hey I’m Angus and I’m the equity officer at dialectic this year. I study Economics and am currently in my 3rd year. I’ve been involved in dialectic and debates for three years now and I’m happy to say I still can’t tell the difference!

Social Convenor

Colson Merril

Colson is a second year international relations student, and though the resemblance may be disturbingly close – is not Alex Palmer. Colson has earned his position as this year’s Social Secretary through blood, sweat, tears, and a few naps on the union floor. The experience he’s acquired in the union has left him undoubtedly committed to organising some unforgettable socials.

Charity Officer

Rhea Abraham

Rhea is the charities officer. She does her job very well, just don’t ask her what charity the dialectic society supported last year, it’s top secret. She does law, likes climbing various rock formations, and sometimes she rollerskates but if there is a bulldog in the way she will break a few ribs.

Archive Librarian

Harry Smith

Harry is a second year student studying politics and social policy. Originally from Ireland, he enjoys long walks on rocky beaches, whiskey, and fighting his peers over trivial matters. After his humiliation in the last AGM, Harry has been banished to archives to toil away at endless parli order papers. When not trying to steal one the societies many ceremonial weapons, you can find Harry in the level 6 library annexe studying something absolutely irrelevant to his course

Ordinary Board Member

Ian Tam

Hong Kong born and bred, Ian is not entirely sure how he ended up in his 2nd year at Glasgow, studying Economics. Nevertheless, he has found his way on to the board of the Dialectic society as an ordinary member. When not doing dialectic activities, he can be found in the direction of badly played harmonica music, staring at maps, or in the library reading while ignoring the pile of books building up in his flat.

Ordinary Board Member

Harvey Olden

Harvey is a second year Computer Science and Philosphy student. Born in Scotland, raised in Chile he has still managed to develop a needlessly posh English accent. He is the proud owner of two cloaks and at least twice as many swords, which probaly tells you all you need to know about him.

Whip Secretary

Alan Rubin Castejón

Alan´s a second-year Politics student who´s currently struggling to get this website up to date. He claims to be Spanish-American whilst everyone knows he´s actually Canadian. Following the ways of Operation Condor, he´s usurped this role through co-option. When he´s not betraying the society with MUN or writing hit pieces on it, he may be seen at dialectic events.

First-year Representative

Eva Sjolund-Hosking  

Eva is a first-year Common Law and English Literature Student, which is ironic, as she is not English nor great at obeying the law. When not honing her dialectics, they can be found in a pub smokers near you yapping about pretentious guitar music. Their band is massive in Bangladesh.

First-year Representative

Cameron Mackenzie 

While he may insist he’s only doing this to get a purple jumper down the line, Cameron being elected first-year rep is but the first step in his plan to make every event a wine and cheese night. He studies Scots Law which means he has the perfect skillset to get away with heinous crimes whilst on board. If you ever need to get a hold of him, it’s likely you’ll find him somewhere in the GUU, procrastinating catching up with all the lectures he’s missed.

Past President

Alex Palmer

Alex is a third-year Classics and Politics student who hails from a small town in Northamptonshire: a place he appreciates no one can place on a map and has spent a great deal of time trying to explain (to no avail). Having been variously elected onto Dialectic Board as First-Year Rep, Assistant Honorary Secretary, and the Chap in Charge, he has risen through the ranks via a brutal campaign of heavily contested elections and homosexual-on-homosexual violence to reach the true pinnacle of board this year: Ex-Officio Past President. Here he can be found (probably in a Union armchair with a pint in hand) playing the role he was born to play— being the old man on Board with opinions. This is made all the more amusing by the fact that the current President is older than he is. Note to reader: Not to be confused with Colson Merrill.

Convenor of Debates

Rhea Abraham

Rhea is the debates convener. She does law, likes climbing various rock formations, and sometimes she rollerskates but if there is a bulldog in the way she will break a few ribs.