Committee 2021/2022



Ananya Venkatesan

Ananya is a third year Theatre and Politics student from the buzzing city of Muscat in the well known Sultanate of Oman. She has previously served as the Ast Hon Sec, and First-year representative and is very excited to take on the role of President. If you catch her not debating, or dialecting, she can be spotted at  the GUU complaining about the social repercussions of loving Little Mix, missing the Milan fashion week, and being an absolute Boomer with technology. However beware, if you start talking about fandoms, and more importantly the fandoms she is part of, you’re gonna be there for a long while.


Alexander Fraser

Alexander is a 4th year Politics with Quantitative Methods student. He has previously been the Treasurer and an Ordinary Board Member, making this his third year on Board. This year his job description can aptly be summed as “Old Man yells at cloud” and saying “No” to all the ridiculous ideas from newer members. When yelling at clouds you will probably find him somewhere within the GUU whether that’s training debaters, doing debates himself or just studying away. When he can catch a breath from all that, you may spot him running along the Kelvin.

Honorary Secretary

Jordan Hunter

Hailing from Ohio, Jordan has been a dedicated member to the society for three years. His resume includes being a former rower, Editor-in-Chief of the Glasgow Guardian, and breaking the society’s mace on his first day as macer. He is often cited as being the most American American, making him easily distinguishable in debates. When not writing the Glasgow Guardian and yelling in the union, you can find him watching hockey or American football, which he insists is the true football, and spouting random facts about Ohio which proves the world all Ohio, and always has been. 

Honorary Treasurer

Sharath Nambiar

Sharath is a third year Law and Politics student hailing from the ~exotic~ city of Dubai, all the way from the tumultuous Middle East <insert gasp here>. Tired of their law degree, and while in a perpetual state of existential dread, they assure you that they can be trusted to be in charge of all the society’s finances. Outside of Dialectic, Sharath is a massive advocate for ice cream to become a staple within the food pyramid, and has fought long and hard for the edification of the populous regarding the moral superiority of red wine to all other sorts of beverages.

Ast. Honorary Secretary

Alex Palmer

Alex is a second-year Classics and Politics student who hails from a small town in Northamptonshire: a county he appreciates no one can place on a map. Originally elected onto Dialectic Board as a First-Year Rep, he can generally be found sitting with a cup of tea and his nose in one of the books he’s accumulated in that large pile on his desk. Other hobbies include getting inordinately lost on long walks, playing his violin (sometimes even well), and wandering around museums. He also enjoys learning ancient languages, so if you need to summon the dead, he’s your man.


Whip Secretary

Kajetan Puchalski

Kajetan is a third year Software Engineering student casually obsessed with politics, finance and occasionally debating. Even though he came here from distant Poland he seems to be one of the biggest fans of Scotland you could find around campus. When he’s not hidden away & focused on writing code you can usually find him somewhere around the GUU wearing one of his famous suits, seemingly no matter whether the occasion calls for it or not, often also with one of his many pints in his hand. Not having found any whips, for now his job mainly involves managing the Dialectic website.

Publicity Secretary

Lauren Lilley

Lauren is a third year Theology and Politics student but all you really need to know about her is she loves aperol spritz and her dog. Like, she really really really loves her dog. She even wants Queenie to be made an honorary member of dialectic. She is famously ‘class on social media’ so is super excited to be the publicity secretary for Dialectic this year and can’t wait to attempt to teach old man Alexander some TikTok dances and embarrass herself on the internet for shock factor as she has no shame.


Duncan Henderson

Duncan is a fourth-year Politics student from the small city of Perth. Often told to use his “indoor voice” as a child, he now revels in the ability to shout in the Debates Chamber whilst carrying the Mace. Despite being a three-term SRC Council Member (his other personality trait), Duncan can most commonly be found in the Glasgow University Union, whether he’s there to help with the Libraries Committee, desperately trying to do work for his degree, or enjoying some time in Beer Bar before graduation forces him to get a job.

Welfare Officer

Radoslav Serafimov

Radoslav is a third year chemistry student who spends more time writing articles and nerding out over music and TV than cooking up things in the lab. As a Bulgarian-born, Italian-reared, English-speaker even he isn’t sure how to pronounce his name anymore, so Rado will have to do. There’s no sensible reason why he should be involved in Dialectic, yet with his love of philosophy and penchant for getting very intense about minor things, he fits right in. As Welfare Officer his job is to make sure that everyone in the society feels safe and remains respectful, so he should be your first port of call if that is not the case. And if you dare misbehave…he’ll probably ask you to stop very nicely.

Social Convenor

Sarah Dewar

Sarah is a third year Politics and Economics student. She has previously served as an ordinary board member. When not involved in dialectic or debates she can usually be found declaring her love for Eurovision, baking  ridiculous quantities of cookies or trying some new and obscure handicraft.

Charity Officer

Sophia Alvi

Sophia loves the sound of her own voice. And the Harry Potter BOOKS. ??

Archive Librarian

Hannah Mimiec

Hannah is a 4th year Law and English lit student from a town most famous for its sub-par football team and the fact that it is technically a city despite having less than 8000 residents. Deciding that trying to control her hair wasn’t enough of a challenge, this year she’s taken on the task of maintaining the society’s archives. This means they’re the go-to person if you ever want some juicy gossip from the 1970s. When not sorting through the maps of pub crawls past they can be found obsessing over environmental law, admiring the ducks in Kelvingrove, or honing her Kate Bush impersonation.

Ordinary Board Member

Fuad Kehinde

Fuad is a third-year physics student from the rainy country of Ireland. Despite the lack of a cool Irish accent, he has indeed lived in Ireland for his entire life. He was first elected onto board as a first-year representative, and then spent a year as an ordinary board member. While he is an ordinary board member again this year, there are suspicions of espionage from GUU board as he is simultaneously the GUU Convener of Libraries. Whatever secrets he holds, he can usually be found in the Union unwilling to leave the Bridie library.

Ordinary Board Member

Emma Chan

Emma is a third year economics student who loves meeting new people. Despite their accent, which may sound English to many, they are actually born and raised in Fife.  They are trying their very best to be pescatarian but often cave especially when they are hungover (which is more often than they would like to admit). Outside of Dialectic, Emma is also very involved with Debating and starting fights on twitter over economic and political issues. On the less nerdy side, they also enjoy running, baking, and cooking, and feels they have almost perfected the cheese scone. When not in class, Emma can usually be found in the Union drinking obscene amounts of tea.
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First Year Member

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First Year Member

Past Dialectic President

Gwendolen Da Sousa Correa

Lennie is the longest serving Dialectic Board member having been on board since 2018. This makes her, in the Westminster fashion, mother of Dialectic board. She takes this responsibility very seriously and will be standing by at all events with juice boxes of the Dark Cherry variety and snacks for when peoples blood sugar is crashing. She also has numerous bits of generic advice for when the organised fun seems too much. She worked as a nanny for a summer so feels she is well suited to this role though is aware of the challenge as the 5 year old she looked after was very mature and the same can’t be said for all of Dialectic Board. Previously she has served as First Year Rep, Assistant Honorary Secretary, and as President.

GUU Convener of Debates

Joseph Hutchison

They didn’t elect me so they can’t kick me off! I am a 4th year politics student from Troon that reached my democratic potential in the dialectic society 2 years ago so has now chosen the undemocratic back door to get back on committee. I like old societies and reading archives and chinning pints. Yeehaw.