Committee 2022/2023



Alex Palmer

Alex is a third-year Classics and Politics student who hails from a small town in Northamptonshire: a county he appreciates no one can place on a map. Originally elected onto Dialectic Board as a First-Year Rep, he can generally be found sitting with a cup of tea and his nose in one of the books he’s accumulated in that large pile on his desk. Other hobbies include getting inordinately lost on long walks, playing his violin (sometimes even well), and wandering around museums. He also enjoys learning ancient languages, so if you need to summon the dead, he’s your man.


Hannah Mimiec

Hannah is a masters student in Fantasy Literature from quite frankly no one knows where. Having bested the previous Vice President in ritual combat they are more than ready to take back the reins of Old Person On Board™. When not lamenting over how things were better back in their day they can likely be found presiding over parliamentary debates as Head Clerk, paying far too much for coffee, or trying to convince people that their degree is actually useful.

Honorary Secretary

Savannah Mcnamara

Savannah is a second year studying theoretical physics, despite trying to transfer to law school, as god has favourites and they are not one of them. To make up for the lack of humanities in their degree, Savannah spends the majority of their time doing this! Debating, debating in the GUU, debating outside of the GUU, and signing up to do more debates.

Honorary Treasurer

Emma Walker

Emma is a third year Maths and Stats student, and that is her main personality trait. When she’s not studying in the library basement looking sad, you’ll find her debating, drinking or eating vegan focaccias in the union. Despite looking constantly sad, Emma is very excited to be treasurer and keep on top of the society’s finances for the year!

Ast. Honorary Secretary

Alyssa Mills

Alyssa Mills is a second year Sociology and Social and Public Policy student running far away from her unfortunate past of Christian homeschooling in Texas. Beyond dialectic, she spends far too much time debating, gives speeches for the SNA, and enjoys rambling about why all your favourite fictional characters are gay.


Whip Secretary

Isaac Gilbert

Isaac is the whip secretary aka IT support for dialectics. A drama school drop out, he now finds himself doing Computing Science and Mathematics. His speciality is his podcast recommendations and his playback speed on them is 2.2X speed. Isaac loves some contemporary art and can pretend that he can understand it. Also Isaac does some cool stuff with self-driving cars.

Publicity Secretary

Ella Clayton

Ella is a second year Common Law and Spanish Language student from Kent. She loves art hence the PR role and has too much fun making Canva graphics for debates and dialetic. When not at either society she can be found on the tennis court or in a bar with a gin and tonic.


Omar Saleh

Omar is a third year physics and Astronomy student. He’s Palestinian Jordanian Iraqi, and technically speaking Cypriot as well (its complicated). Growing up as a triplet and with 4 siblings, he finds himself shouting constantly trying to prove himself and so, it is fitting he will this year’s Macer. On the rare occasion that he isn’t stressed over labs in the Eliott, you will find him obsessing over cows, watching friends, romanticise becoming a lawyer and, most importantly, obsessing over the latest tea surrounding Adele and Ariana Grande.

Welfare Officer

Mischa Watson

Mischa is a second year International Relations student whose hobbies include not doing her degree, watching too many tiktoks and failing at being sober at debates events.

Social Convenor

Heather Ashworth (Resigned in Disgrace over lap dancing)

Heather is a 2nd year Veterinary student who has been at university for 3 years- you can work that one out for yourself. This is partly the reason she is such a great social sec as she is well versed in the act of partying and abandoning her degree. When she isn’t dialeticing she enjoys debating, cooking and eating.

Charity Officer

Rhea Abraham

Rhea studies Sociology and had to redo her first year all over again because she got catch urinating on a School. She is born in Wales but from Dundee, her birthday is the 18th of March 2002. She likes stealing peoples, chips, monster munch, Aero’s, ham and cheese sandwiches, notebooks, apples, coffee, water and much much more. She tragically developed dyslexia after being kicked by a horse. She also a weirdly likes people to hand feed her.

Archive Librarian

Odhrán Gallagher

Odhrán is a native Glaswegian in his second year studying History and Scottish Literature. He previously took part in the society as a First Year Representative, and is totally buzzed for the coming year where familiarity with the university converges with a lack of academic demands. Outside of the society he can be found writing for the Glasgow Guardian, getting kick off Groundings, musing about whether he drinks too much, or arguing with his flatmate Isaac.

Ordinary Board Member

Sharath Nambiar

Sharath is now finally old and excited to slowly retreat into the void post-university. Before his departure, he finds himself on board once more, this time as an Ordinary Board Member.
PS. Don’t talk to him about law, the legal system, your favourite statute, or even your favourite statue.

Ordinary Board Member

Kajetan Puchalsk

Kajetan is someone who has sold his sold to big tech because is was too lame to do Mathematics. He has never got over this and spends his time chatting about how much he loves logs.

First Year Member

Lucy Hindmarsh

Lucy is a first year comparative literature student originally from London. Aside from debating Lucy enjoys attempting to convert people to country music, ranking all the falafels Glasgow has to offer and beating online strangers at Geoguessr. Lucy is still trying to decide upon their favourite pint of fun.

First Year Member

Harry Smith

Harry is a first year student studying politics and social policy. Originally from Ireland, he enjoys long walks on rocky beaches, whiskey, and fighting his peers over trivial matters. Through LBJ style campaigning, he has found himself as one of our first year representatives. He believes he is a good fit for the role, as he could probably take at least half of the board in a fight. When not trying to steal one the societies many ceremonial weapons, you can find Harry in the level 6 library annexe studying something absolutely irrelevant to his course.

Past Dialectic President

Ananya Venkatesan

As former president of the society, Ananya is on board this year to tell everyone what things were like back in her day. For fun facts about Dialectic, Little Mix, or what it’s like being from India and Oman, Ananya is your gal.

GUU Convener of Debates

Emma Chan

Emma Chan is a 4th year economics student. Their role on Dialectic is an ex officio position: Debates Convener. They sit on the board of Glasgow University Union and represent debate’s interests (come to speaker training at 6pm, Bridie Library, every Tuesday!). They are difficult to spot since they are quite short but what makes them more distinctive is the fact their haircut changes every month. While Emma really loves the stress that comes with debating they are also fond of the Dialectic society having been an ordinary board member last year.