Blake Gray

Blake is a 3rd year from the famous city of Derry – Londonderry (so good they named it twice) studying Economics and Politics. He first served on board as 1st year representative, before being elected Assistant Honorary Secretary and then President. He is currently the leader of the Whigs for GUU Parliamentary debating and before University won best speaker at the Northern Ireland Schools debating competition. When not organising things or trooping along to fulfil his degree requirements, you’ll find him trying to be healthy at the Gym or in deep drunken discussions at Hive on Thursdays.


Robyn Lawrence

Robyn is a 3rd year sociology and philosophy student. Frequently told her accent is unplaceable, she is actually from Kinross, a place notable for little other than for being adjacent to the field in which they once held T in the park. She has served Dialectic as treasurer, and now as Vice-President, trains speakers with the GUU, and leads the SNA for GUU parliamentary debating. Simply put, her commitments to debating are numerous, and though she often wonders whether it may have consumed her life to an unreasonable degree, she rarely has occasion to regret it. When not debating, she’ll usually be found obsessing over one of her many other niche interests, as far ranging as justice and immigration reform, to Buffy the Vampire slayer and Sense8.

Honorary Secretary

Suzanne Elliott

Suzanne is a 3rd year History student from the beautiful city of Edinburgh, a city our Honorary Secretary regularly admits to represent the most English part of Scotland. When she is not obsessing over doggos both large and small, you can find her fulfilling her other duties as a keen GUU Debater. She is the Deputy Head Clerk for the 2018/19 Parliamentary season, so you will most surely catch her gracing the Debates Chamber in a brightly-coloured #pantsuit or – on the rare occasions she catches a break from clerking – downing a pint of peculiarly coloured liquids on the Tory Club benches. On top of this, she will represent the Union at the European University Debating Championships in Serbia in the summer of 2018. When not debating, Suzanne loves to catch reruns of Gilmore Girls and listen to the musical mastery of Bruce Springsteen.

Honorary Treasurer

Alex Robertson

Alex is a third year Chemistry Student from the Capital of Essex: Chelmsford. Whilst he’s born and raised in Essex he comes with little in the ways of a TOWIE accent or a fake tan. Having already spent a year on the board of the Dialectic Society as our social convenor, Alex is looking forward to many more socials and thereby opportunities to be walked home by the rest of the board. Outside of debates Alex is a keen cook and loves to host a dinner party – so long as it ends in a sing along to the Rocky Horror Picture Show at about 2AM. As a member of INSOC he’ll be looking forward to hosting some socials centred around classic video games consoles.

Ast. Honorary Secretary

Julie Nyerges

Julie is a 2nd year Economics and Politics student coming from the far away lands of Bucharest, Romania (they don’t call her The Beast from the East for no reason). When she doesn’t do debating she super promises she has other things to do too, like pretending she’s into running or lecturing her friends for the 54th time about how Westworld is the best TV show ‘like ever made you guys’. Aside from her almost pathological obsession with glitter, doggos and planes you will find Julie wasting her time away in the Bridie Library, trying to help out either on Dialectic Board, GUU Debates Comm (as Junior Trainer) or as part of the Clarks Bench.


Whip Secretary

David Zacek

David is a 2nd year Computing Science student who somehow ended up doing debating. Despite coming from the beer loving capital of Czech Republic, you will usually find him with a pint of cider in his hand. Despite a scary sounding position, his main responsibility is to make sure the Dialectic website remains up and running, no whips involved.

Publicity Secretary

Joshua T. Hiepler

Josh is a 2nd year Economics & Psychology student from Frankfurt, Germany (undeniably confirmed by his accent and his sense of humour, or lack thereof). Regarding himself as one of the more casual debaters, he has so far succeeded in not being fully consumed by the debating circle and its obsessive meme culture. Whenever he’s not panicking about deadlines, Dialectic or TEDx stuff, you will mostly find him reading all over the place, having deep conversations over a beer or working out at the gym (though he is still working on that last one). Apart from that he enjoys fiddling with everything that runs on power and is an avid photographer, making him the go-to guy for taking that fancy profile picture in the debating chamber.


Fionuala McCarron

Fionuala is a 2nd year History and Politics student from the south west of England. She is one of the parliamentary clerks which involves sitting down at the far end of the debating chamber and the Macer which involves shouting at the other end of the debating chamber. She decided to become the macer after realising that the mace was at least two thirds her size and it would look funny and that being small, she, much like a terrier, had a disproportionate level of aggression that would serve protecting the chamber very well. When not doing her degree or debating you can find her justifying the terrible out of context quotes that her flatmate and friends collect or, inadvertently creating more of them.

Social Convenor

Oona Muje

Oona is a 2nd year from Finland, studying a mix of social sciences and arts. Ever keen to get everyone mixing, you’ll usually find her chilling out in Beer bar or Billiards encouraging everyone to relax after an evening of debating.

Welfare Officer

Manon Minassian

Manon is a 2nd year Politics and Sociology student from the south of France. Her aim is to fit as many French stereotypes as possible. She therefore particularly enjoys red wine, striking, absurdism, red lipstick and legitimate head of state (in no particular order). She’s also working quite hard to get people to debate French politics motions, but her efforts have, unfortunately, been quite in vain so far. When not feeding pre-conceptions about her own country she likes watching real estate reality TV shows (yes, it exists and yes, it’s wonderful) and listening to Abba while planning stuffs for the Dialectic Society or competitions with the debating committee. However, her two favorite things remain drinking blue pints of fun and happy people!

Charity Officer

Katie Sawers

Katie is a second year Physics and Astronomy student from south east London. Being charity officer of the dialectic society means she is free to continue a heavy drinking habit whilst appearing to meaningfully contribute to society.

Ordinary Member

John Bonsall

John is a second year Law student from Northern Scotland. However, no one believes this fact due to his posh English accent. He is most well-known for his over the top gesticulation during debates. As a general board member a Jack of all trades approach is required from him. This means helping fellow board members with various jobs and taking on tasks that are not isolated to one role.

Ordinary Member

Matěj Ballaty

Matěj is a second year Social Sciences student, who half-successfully swindled his way on the Dialectic board. As an ordinary board member, he’s supposed to help out wherever needed and doesn’t get to vote (it’s tough). During his spare time, he attempts to have hobbies outside of Debates and Dialectics.

Also, he’s called Linguini.

GUU Convener of Debates & Past President

Harry Coloe

Harry is a 4th year studying Politics, who sits on board as both previous President and GUU convenor of Debates. He is regularly reminded about his dreamy boy looks and similarities to wholesome dad memes.