Catherine's job is to engineer events and keep everyone on Board happy. Think of her as a dark, scary older sibling who can solve all of your problems if you can get past the cold smile. She has a passing interest in politics and is in a long term relationship with coffee.'

Bethany is a third year History and Theology student from Aberdeen. Being vice-president means getting to liaise with alumni and former members whilst still not having robes.

Morag is a third year Theoretical Physics student and is the Dialectic Society's Treasurer. Her role as Treasurer requires her to count and defend piles of gold, which allows her to hone her 8 years of fencing skills and practise her evil laughter.


When not Physicsing,

She be Gender Equalling

Or stabby stabbing.


Half-Scottish, half-English and generally half-witted, Cameron Harris is in his fourth year reading law and English literature. A native highlander, his enthusiasm for all things Dialectic knows no bounds. When he is not diligently writing the minutes of the most recent board meeting, he can be found listening to the wireless, one of his many passions in life, or, much to the despair of his contemporaries, reading the poetry of the overrated, and overanalysed, T. S. Eliot.

Sarah Macdonald


Catherine Vallis

Honorary Secretary

Bethany Garry

Vice President

Morag Deans


Cameron Harris

Assistant Secretary


Sarah is a fourth year history and classics student. She cares deeply about drinking, dead Romans, and the Dialectic society (not necessarily in that order.) She joined the board in her second year as Macer, and then went on to become Publicity Secretary. As President, she hopes to run lively and stimulating events throughout the year, and continue the society's long tradition of inspiring debate at Glasgow University.


Fraser McGowan

Groundings Editor-In-Chief

Fraser has the responsibility for running the Dialectic Society's interdisciplinary undergraduate academic journal Groundings, and its sister publication - Groundings Ancients.

Michael Finlayson

Publicity Secretary

Irene McCannell

Social Convenor

Michael is a second year politics student and the new Publicity Secretary, which suits him due to his love of social media and selfies. A self proclaimed ‘lad’, Michael can usually be found daily in the Drawing room being schooled by people who know his degree better than him.

Irene is a second year law student who is famed for her stories which often lack any direction and have been dubbed ''Irene stories'' as thus. She embraces the role of social convenor well as it allows her to add to this long list of stories and have her favourite double vodka and lemonade with a wee bit of blackcurrant from the beer bar.

Tomas Kessl

Whip Secretary

Tomas somehow ended up in Scotland despite his love of sun and all things summer-related and is currently a second year Business and Philosophy student who keeps the Dialectic website up and running.

Jamie Gartley



Jamie is a second year, reading both History and Politics. He can be often found with a stiff half of whisky in his hand – which, seeing as he is from Cumbernauld, is only natural. He is a lover of tartan, literature and debating. He is a Scottish Conservative, so approach with caution: his like are endangered. As Macer his main duty is shouting, something he is well-practised in.

Lewis Grant

GUU Debates Representative



Marc Fryer

Past President

Lewis, as GUU Debates Convener, oversees the organisation of all things debating at GUU. He conjures up travel solutions for debaters seeking to traverse the countryand ensures there's enough Yakka for us all to drink at Parliamentaries.


Marc is a recent graduate and a past president and treasurer of the society. He is pleased to be taking a step back into an ex-officio position this year and looks forward to attending dinners and watching the society bloom in his absence.

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