How to Join


To become a menber of Glasgow University's Dialectic Society come along to any of our events and talk to one of our committee members. You can also contact us via email or through our facebook page.


You can also join us via this Form:


A Brief History


The earliest paper records of the society are dated 1770 and we were involved in the founding of Glasgow University Union and the SRC. When Pope John Paul II visited Scotland in 1982 he issued a 'Papal letter' recognising the society's claim to being established in 1451.


The society has supported debaters who have won the Mace Debating championship and the World Universities Debating Championships for the GUU, more times than any other University.


In more recent years, the Dialectic Society has concentrated on bringing controversial and current topics to the forefront of discussion and debate at Glasgow. We have collaborated with various clubs and societies on campus to bring a range of exciting topics to our membership, and have discussed everything from medical ethics to environmental issues.


This year will continue to provide the same level of debate as well as an academic lecture series, and of course plenty of socials.

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